Kari Ickert has produced over two hundred videos for entertainment, fashion, beauty and sports brands – from theatrical trailers to Snapchat ads. Kari is the sole proprietor of Buttons Creative LLC, a creative production and project management consultancy who partners with brands such as Bud Light, Converse, Duracell, Estee Lauder, Equinox, Fendi, Laura Mercier, and Nike.

She began her career at boutique agency ANATOMY where she rose to become the company’s supervising producer and production manager. In this role, she oversaw the creative team in producing marketing and promotion productions for networks including Amazon, FX, National Geographic Channel and TNT. Her sweet spot lies in creating exclusive behind the scenes content for original television series.

Kari received a BA in Telecommunications from The Pennsylvania State University and puts her Theatre minor to good use in her frequent visits to Broadway and West End shows.